The Artisans: an exciting new medieval and Renaissance band

The Artisans

Nicolás Mendoza (guest member)
(Rebec, Percussion, Symphony, Voice)

Nicolás started his musical training at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia where he learnt piano and violin.

Once in England, he studied harpsichord in York with Peter Seymour, Gary Cooper, and Tim Roberts. He took up the rebec and hurdy gurdy to help him pursue his interest in medieval music and now has instruments aptly named Rebecca and Herbert!

He has appeared with numerous ensembles in festivals, including the Brighton, York and Beverley Early Music Festivals and the University of York New Music Spring Festival. He has also worked with the Minster Minstrels, helping to provide a gateway to early music for children.

He co-founded the Prince and Pauper Consort which has performed twice at the Brighton Early Music Festival and other venues such as the National Portrait Gallery, the London Guildhall’s Old Library and Farnham Castle.

Nicolás has a passion for milk and cookies and can often be seen driving around in his car called Roger!