The Artisans: an exciting new medieval and Renaissance band

The Artisans

A musical tour of Medieval Europe.

  1. Cuncti Simus Concenentes
  2. Stella Splendens
  3. Los Set Gotxs
  4. Offondo Do Mar: CSM 383
  5. Volez Vous Que Je Vous Chant
  6. La Uitime Estampe Real
  7. La Septime Estampe Real
  8. There Is No Rose
  9. Ductia I
  10. Ductia II
  11. Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene
Emily Askew: Vielle, Bagpipes, Recorders
Hazel Askew: Voice, Harp
Matt Robinson: Voice, Lute, Oud
Sarah Stuart: Percussion
£11.50 inc. p&p (UK ONLY)
£13.50 (OUTSIDE UK)
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The Medieval Experience

Sample extracts

Cuncti Simus Concanentes - to play track, please enable Javascript or download track.